Who we are? 

We are group of private traders. What that mean? We trading from "home" with no costs of office or trading rooms but we also use a professional software for automate deals and for analis the indicators and signals.


Why you need founds? 

Bigger volume = bigger profit = shorter time to achive goals


How much can i earn? 

That depends of actual trends on market. Check our last reports to know what profit we made for our users. 


Is it safe? 

No, its not. It's trading, there is always a chance for loss. We using our knowledge, experience and software to make it as much profitable as it can be. But there is no guarantee of success every time. If you wanna know how we handling - check our reports.


How can I check progress of invest? 

We provide a weekly reports, also our wallet adress is public, you can check incomes and outcomes. 


Do you hire? 

At this moment only in EU. But the bigger picture is to create a professional trading office. But if you got a interesting offer do not heastiate to write us a message. We also reachable on Skype. (no, we do not have a discord or telegram)


How i got my deposit/profit back? 

Every week or two (depends on decision we made with participals) we sending equal part of back ammount to every investor who participate on investment. - 15% - thats our fee for managing this.